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“Daystar Leadership Academy” is a leadership development academy set up to raise exceptional leaders under the leadership of Pastor Sam Adeyemi. The academy is designed to ignite your potential and help you become the leader you were designed to be.


The Students of Oxbridge Tutorial College were privileged to have this academy brought to their door step. This programme  was scheduled to hold on the 16th and 23rd of November 2013.  The first half of the program, the 16th of November started at 9am with the arrival of students, the organizers and speakers for the day, registration was carried out.


At about 10am, the training begun proper. The first course; Personal Transformation was taken by Tola Seedy. He made us realize that success is the achievement of God’s goals for your life, and that success is first within then without. He told us the importance and power of our individual minds and how to work with it and on it to become a better  personal. He took us through the transformation codes: first within, your word and change your habit. Then the trip of transformation: Sight and Sound, Information (spiritual and natural). He also taught us to appreciate ourselves and speak into our future to always believe in our abilities. He left us with the following: ‘You can never rise above your knowledge. If you do not believe you are the best then it doesn’t matter’.


Our second course for the day was Vision And Goal Setting. The facilitator was Mr. Joel Osebor. From Mr. Joel we got to know: ‘Vision is simply revelation’ and ‘Vision is foresight based on insight with benefit of hindsight’. ‘Vision is having a picture of a preferable future’. Vision is something to live by. Vision is inspiring to you and those around you. Vision provokes change. Vision is persevering. Vision is long term. It commands provision. It disciplines the visionary. And vision brings focus. We also got to know how to receive vision: Look up. Look within. Look behind. Take time to pray and meditate. Play around the vision. Organize around the vision. Model the vision. Write down your goals. Plan to achieve them. Determine the price you have to pay. Keep the goal before you every day. Paint the picture of a preferable future. He concluded by yelling us the factors that influence or terminate visions:

  • Procrastination.
  • Indiscipline.
  • Fear.
  • Low self esteem.

We were let out on a break of about twenty minutes, after which we returned for the last course of the day Success Habits taught by Mrs. Toun Emiola. She told us that success is largely the result of our habits. And habits are those things we do repeatedly almost without thinking and it is usually hard to stop. She went ahead to tell us about the habits of successful people:

  • Deep thinking.
  • Praying.
  • Responsibility.
  • Learning/updating your software.
  • Positive lyrics.
  • The seed principle.
  • Just do it/action.
  • Doggedness.
  • Planning.
  • Service.
  • Call the shots.
  • Innovation.
  • Focus.
  • Stand out.
  • Clique/associate.
  • Frugal.
  • Integrity.
  • Tick tock.
  • Chill out.
  • Show appreciation.

She left us with this: ‘You can only succeed when you do not take your eyes off the goal’.


And with that, day one of the leadership training program came to a successful end with students of Oxbridge Tutorial College having so much to digest and take them to the next level of their lives and with so much anticipation we look forward to the 23rd of November.

On the 23rd of November 2013 students of Oxbridge Tutorial College gathered again to have a fill of what makes you a leader and indeed it was worth the time. The programme started at about 10am and we had the first facilitator Mr. Lolu Mogaji who represented Miss Yejide Akiode. He took us on a ride on the train of ‘Academic excellence’. Here are a couple of things he taught us:

  • Academic excellence is being the best or amongst the best in one’s educational performance, which is usually measured by good grades and the teachers’ observation of the student’s self-perception or performances.
  • Study skills that will enhance your academic excellence:
  • Study habitually.
  • Review what you learn before a day passes after learning it.
  • Have and follow the course syllabus for each term/session.
  • Review past questions.
  • Teach others what you know.
  • You should also learn time management skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Exam readiness and taking skills.
  • You should also learn to prioritize, get information and do not procrastinate.
  • Set achievable goals with time targets for their accomplishment.

With that Mr. Lolu called it a day with him.

Things just got better! The second facilitator Mr.Praise Fowowe was the bomb! He took us on Relationship Management.  Here is a bit of all he told us: Relationship Management is about managing people, which is an art rather than a science. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Trade rudeness for kindness.  Give more, get more. We got a view of the four temperaments of humans; the intimidating humers (choleric temperament), the creative convertible (sanguaine temperament), the dependable truck(phlegmatic temperament), and the systematic ford(melancholy temperament). These different sets of people are unique in their own ways and you need each of them at some point in time pending on the assignment on ground. He concluded by telling us not to get involved in premarital sex and warned the girls vehemently against it because they are the ones who end up hurt and suffer the consequences. In a nutshell, he was awesome!

After a short break we went on to the last speaker Mr. Segun Dada spoke to us on Leadership. Here is what he had to offer:

  • Leadership is a positive peer pressure/influence to accomplish worthwhile goals.
  • Characteristics of a teen leader, you must be:
    • Accountable.
    • Responsible.
    • Confident.
    • Able to communicate well.
    • Set goals.
    • A person of integrity.
    • Disciplined
    • Above all trustworthy.

When he concluded, Oreoluwa Shonibare gave votes of thanks on behalf of Oxbridge Tutorial College students.

With that we came to the end of this once in a lifetime opportunity. We went out to capture the moment in different groups and came back to the hall to get our certificate of attendance. OTC students went home filled with new information and more tactics on how to get to the top. We are most grateful to our MD, Dr.(Mrs) C.O Ogunsanya for giving us the opportunity to get empowered at this age. We hope to change the world by being the change we hope for.


Report by Rosemary Osuya (Oxpress)

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