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I am delighted to welcome you to Oxbridge Tutorial College. It is a privilege to be the Vice Principal of Nigeria’s premiere sixth form college renowned as a centre of inclusive excellence and exceptional education in our times. We strive to fully prepare our students for successful pursuit of higher education at locally and internationally recognised institutions.

I passionately believe that all students have the potential to fully succeed in life, which is  enhanced by the excellent support they receive here in addition to various other experiences they gather while with us at OTC. Our students have consistently achieved excellent results that have given them the leverage to progress to some of world’s top Universities in the UK, Canada, USA, Dubai, Australia, Nigeria and beyond.

We at OTC have come to understand that progressing to university and subsequently sustaining a successful career is more than grades.  Our students enrichment programme with its robust curriculum content, leadership training and various international and local learning trips are structured to give students wider experiences and opportunities to develop excellent soft skills for employability. Each of our students is able to build an individual learning plan, keep gratitude and reflection jounals, and maintain an organised portfolio of useful academic documents that would help them share in the responsibility of attaining academic excellence.

Our students benefit from a wide range of 21st century teaching and learning tools, they have access to highly skilled and qualified teachers in various fields of discipline, trained to give quality academic support to students aspiring for international education. Students are given the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of club activities and electives. Our college is a vibrant and social community where students are encouraged to develop their passion and interest. From being a part of a house group, students can join the debating club, college choir/music club, to getting involved with sports, press club tagged “Oxpress”, science club and drama club. As such every student is able to live the OTC vision.

We have fostered a unique partnership with the NCUK for our foundation programs which has existed for a little over 10 years. They have not ceased to be impressed by our consistently excellent delivery. We also have an existing relationship with Insight Education an organization focused on working with our students, taking them through developing knowledge and skills needed to get into Oxford and Cambridge universities in the UK. To help our students get into medical school in the UK we have an existing relationship with Bellerbys College. We have recently launch a new partnership with the Dublin International Foundation College for our second Medical pathway, where students spend one semester with us at OTC and then proceed to Dublin, Ireland to complete the remaining two semesters. It is interesting to know that our inaugural class of 2016 students for the DIFC Medical Pathway did brilliantly well and have proceeded to DIFC to complete their program this January.

With high quality teaching in a supportive environment, OTC prides itself on having the right course for every student; whatever their academic needs or ambitions, to ensure each student achieves their full potential. In return we expect students to work hard to take an active part in college life.

I hope you decide to join us, as you expect to be challenged, stimulated and with utmost certainty of our support towards your reaching your desired goals while having an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I look forward to welcoming you to OTC and working together with you to help make your future a successful and exciting one.

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HIV/AIDS Campaign Taken to Anglican Girls

On the 20th of May 2016, a handful of OTC students under the ISA (International School Awards) programme took the HIV/AIDS campaign to the Anglican Girls Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos. The 7 students, ably represented by Walid Adegunwa and Lewechi Nkata delivered an...

Oxbridge student Femi Oyefule emerges victorious!

At Oxbridge we are proud of what our students achieve. We work hard at keeping abreast with their various successes and are always quick to congratulate when the opportunity arises. Femi Oyefule, an NCUK IFY student at the college, recently won the Ikeja...

Home and Abroad; Oxbridge opens its doors again.

16th of April 2016 was another occasion when the college opened its door to welcome guests, ranging from students to parents all over Lagos and its environ,  to its second Open House event for this academic year. This time round, the Open Day is themed –Home and...

2016 Oxbridge Academy Agents Training

Oxbridge Academy hosted some top Educational consults to a seminar on Wednesday 6th April 2016. The purpose of the seminar was to invite new student recruiters to join our team of agents and also to train them on the subtleties of the International Year 1 programme at...

Fejiro Amrohve is going to Yale!

When you hear Yale University, what rings in your mind? Yes, we all get the same the picture- smart Ivy League school, high-class, difficult-to-get-into… Well, Yale hosts a Global Scholars Program in the heart of Connecticut for the ambitious, talented and...

OTC law trip to the high court

On the 2nd of February, 2016, the As-Law students went on an excursion to the Combined Magistrate and High court Ikeja, Lagos. This allowed the students develop an insight into the legal system, as various cases were heard and debated. Structures such as adjournment,...