Oxbridge Vs Bridge House

Oxbridge Vs Bridge House

On Friday the 31st of January there was a match between Oxbridge Tutorial College and Bridgehouse College.

Our team arrived at the stadium and almost immediately , busied themselves with warm-up exercises, in preparation for the game. Watching them warm-up, one could tell that Oxbridge meant business.

Bridgehouse arrived, dragging  nearly their whole school along with them. The match started properly around 2:50 pm. Our team scored
the very first goal of the day, nearly 5 minutes into the  match.

Within the next 10 minutes the second goal was scored by Oxbridge’s very own Uzoma. It was pretty amazing, in the first 15 minutes we were
already in the lead with two goals. Bridgehouse didn’t stand a chance. Jerry scored the last goal, earning him cheers from his teammates and
OTC supporters.

I don’t know how they [Bridgehouse] did it, but somehow they found a way to equalise with our stellar team. I believe it was pure coincidence or sheer luck, because they couldn’t score until they swapped sides. Let us not forget that the referee was from their school 😮

I wish I could say that we suffered no harm whatsoever, but even the greatest warrior has battle scars.


The beauty of everything though was
that even injured, the players never lost passion. That was very commendable.

Even as a rookie in football, it wasn’t  hard to see that the OTC had it!!! Their footwork, teamwork, ball possession, strikers and
defenders were really something. Not to forget the fantastic work done by the goalie.

On a final note, cheers to all the players and keep up the good work!

By Adaramola, AraOluwa

Oxpress (As Science)


  1. Though it was a good write-up it lacked the required use of adequate words and proper sentence construction. I also noticed a few punctuational errs and blunders. Whoever did this could do a lot better.

    Cheers I.A.

    • Thank you for your comments. We do our best to give our students direction and to encourage them to pursue their interests. I’ll ensure this is fed back in a positive and constructive manner.

  2. I’ve alwayz loved OTC and I’m planning on coming next year if all goes well. Kudos to the players and I think they can do better. Practice everyday and have a positive and calm mindset when on the pitch. Goodluck in your subsequent games. UP OTC!!!!!!


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