Oxbridge Summer School



The Oxbridge Summer School programme is an exciting new development at the college. A concept we believe in passionately and one we have gone to great lengths to realise. We hope this page conveys all the crucial detail on the programme. We welcome your enquiries so please do not hesitate to get in touch or better yet complete the application form at the bottom of this page to ensure a place.

Aims and Objectives of the programme

The overall aim of the Summer School is to raise aspirations among Nigerian students and increase the application and acceptance rates among these students to Oxford and Cambridge universities. This will be achieved through:

• Academically stretching students beyond the GCSE and A level studies through wider reading around their subject and developing critical, logical and lateral thinking.

• Enabling students to explore their motivations for studying their future university subject to ensure they choose a course that is right for them.

• Developing informed opinions among students about current affairs topics so that they can become “rounded students” and potentially tomorrow’s leaders.

• Bridging the gap between teacher-led GCSE and A level studies and the rigour of independent study at Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities.

Who is the programme aimed at?

As the programme is non-residential, the Oxbridge Summer School is best suited to pupils who reside locally and are studying the final year of GCSEs as well as those studying A Levels (15 to 17 year olds).

What is the academic format for the day?

Classes will consist of up to 12 students who will receive tutorials in that subject in 2 x 1.5hr tutorials each day. The Summer School will offer “masterclasses” in four areas:

(i) Natural Sciences in preparation for science or medicine studies at university.

(ii) Mathematics & Physics in preparation for engineering studies at university.

(iii) English & History in preparation for law studies at university.

(iv) Politics, Philosophy & Economics in preparation for PPE studies at university.

In addition to these masterclasses, all students will receive classes on study skills that would bridge the gap between A-level studies and first year of undergraduate studies. These study skills should also help improve students’ approach to independent study for their A-Levels. In their subject groupings, students will rotate round five study skills:

(i) critical thinking

(ii) researching

(iii) class/lecture note-taking (including use of mind-maps)

(iv) public speaking/presentation skills

What is the extra curricular format for the day?

The lunch period will include time for lunch, followed by ONE choice of three activities which the students will pursue throughout the week:

• Sports Academy (mixed sports).

• Young Enterprise. (group work to establish a concept for improving their Nigerian community or Society for presentation to panel of judges on the Saturday)

• 3D Graphic Design Club (use of basic graphics package to produce animation for display by end of the week)

At the end of the day, students will need to have opted (in advance) to attend University Preparation sessions geared towards encouraging applications to Oxford and Cambridge and other top UK universities. These sessions will consist of presentations and activities to prepare for university admissions e.g. UCAS brainstorming, role plays to improve interview technique, considerations for making course and college choices and how students can critically review their own UCAS statements. These sessions are included in the price of the OSS.


Parents can book a mock Oxford/Cambridge interview and assessment consultation session with Insight Education in advance (to take place during the week of Summer School) at an additional cost.

The consultation session will involve a 1hr interview with the student, a written report on the child’s performance, aptitude for studies at Oxford and Cambridge and tailored plan of support. The session includes a 20 minute Q&A with parent and child.

What are the costs?

The basic programme costs £650 (£450.00 reduced price for OTC new and existing students). This includes masterclasses, lunchtime extra-curricular activities, lunch etc.

If you choose to take part in the Oxford Mentoring Scheme (OMS) there is an additional cost of £250 bringing the total to £700 or £900 depending on whether the student is at or coming to OTC. Payment can be made via cheque or Bank transfer. Please apply below or enquire for further details.