OTC officially opens its gym

The college officially opens its ultra-modern gym on the 21st of November, 2013. In a short service to commemorate the event, the officiating minister, Rev. Okunnuga, spoke of the imperativeness of caring for not only for our soul, but also the body, which he aptly quoted from the Bible thus : caring for our body ‘profited little’’.






One may be tempted to ask, ‘what does opening a gym have to do with a short service?’ As has become the tradition of the college, every milestone is marked with the presence of the Lord to keep all of us safe, as we use the facilities. The Managing Director Dr. (Mrs.) C. O. Ogunsanya, while not solely taking the glory for the conception of the gym, used the occasion to eulogised the huge contribution of Mr. T.Ogunsanya, who has been instrumental to the vision and realisation of the gym project. The  short ceremony also has  some members of staff and members of the college SRC  in attendance.


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