Memorable School trip to SW Nigeria

We set out at about 9:30 am on the 8th of March 2013 and headed straight to Ososa in Ogun-State, the historical and  expansive home of the man adjudged the father of modern film making and theatre in Nigeria. Having been here before, we were spared all the so called ‘ceremonies’. The step son of ‘Baba’ as he is fondly called, one Taye Ogunde was at hand to take us round the entire estate of the man.





The compound itself was a beauty to behold as there were sculptures and carvings of different shapes and concerns. There was a huge image of Ogunde’ first and favourite wife, Adesewa Ogunde who reportedly died in the early 60s .In front of the main building was the burial place of Hubert Ogunde himself, completed with his statue and a huge drum, often used during most of stage performances. Outside were also vehicles with the inscription Ogunde Films on them.

We were then taken to the rehearsal hall and then different rooms where the costumes and other stage effects were kept. By 11 am, we had taken an effective tour round the historical site  and were on our way to our next destination, Idanre hill in Ondo-State.






What an interesting place with a rich vein of history behind it Idanre actually transliterated ‘idan re” meaning this is a wonder. There were two Idanre settlements. The old one on top of the hill and the new one down in the valley. The former was the original settlement occasioned by incessant wars of the 16th and 17th centuries. It was not until 1928 that civilization forced those on the top of the hill to descend.

For every visitor, it is mandatory for one to climb the 660 steps to get to the top and that was exactly what we all endured to achieve, though a herculean task. There on the mountain top are relics of a rich past: palace, court and a school. One may not appreciate where he is, until you take a look down below, viewing the scenery of undulating settlements. Ironically, descending the hill was easier.

We moved straight to Akure, the capital city of Ondo- State which is about 10 minutes ‘drive from Idanre.We were lodged in Sunview hotel. What makes this hotel unique is that, though of moderate stature, it boasts of excellent facilities and services found anywhere in the world .

On the following day, we were on our way to ikogosi. Unknown to us, there is a short-cut straight  from Akure which saved us the hassles of going round through Ekiti-State.Within an hour, we were  heading towards the most breathtaking scenery  anyone could imagine. It was a natural architecture masterpiece at its best. It was a roll of undulating plains. Thanks to the Ekite -State government, the Ikogosi environ has worn a new look, from the good tarred roads, to beautiful landscaping. There were many uncompleted chalets ready to be commissioned for the use of visitors and tourists .Having collected the gate pass with a payment of N500 per head,we were finally ushered into the serene, expansive Ikogosi ground .one of the interesting places was where the warm water meets  the cold one .There was also a swimming pool for visitors to relax. There were also steps to climb.

Our next final destination was the Ipole-Iloro waterfalls. Here was another work of art tucked in a serene forest through, which we had to walk. We had quite a lot fun here, with cold water splashing on our bodies. It was with reluctance that we take our leave.






After what was evidently a successful excursion, we headed to Lagos the following day, still relishing what would definitely be memories of a lifetime.


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