Oxbridge Law Students visit Lagos High Court

At 8:30am, 18 students from Oxbridge Tutorial College, accompanied by Mr. Atoyebi and Ms. Ogunlesi, arrived at the Lagos State High Court for a day of fun and learning. The prospective lawyers were seated in a court headed by the Honourable Justice O. A. Dabiri of the Civil Division, where they were able to listen in on several cases ranging from mentions, cross examinations and even full hearings and judgements.

The highlight of these being the cross examination of a senior lawyer by another senior lawyer which quickly turned into a battle of wits, that kept students at the edge of their seats. After the court session, the students were addressed by the aforementioned honourable judge who was happy to answer all questions directed at him.

Before departing from the High Court, the students were met by the Deputy Chief of Registrars, Mrs. Okunuga who wished them success in whatever career they chose to pursue not before warning them to study hard.

All in all, students can attest to it being an enjoyable experience and one they would like to have again.

Ife Ogunsakin


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