Oxbridge’s third Open House of the year

The third and the last Open House for this academic year was held on the 4th of June, 2016 with a quite a large turnout of parents and students who wanted to get acquainted with the various world-class educational opportunities that the college has to offer. From the presentation delivered by the Managing Director of the college, Dr. (Mrs.) C. O. Ogunsanya and specially invited delegates of some of our international partners (Andrew Straughan from NCUK, Ray Halpin of DIFC and Joyce and Mark from Insight Education) to testimonials from an alumna, those in attendance had the unique opportunity of being presented with different university education opportunities. Opportunities not only from Europe and North-Africa, but also from top universities in Nigeria and Ghana. The guests were also taken round the college to see our facilities first-hand. Lastly they had the opportunity to meet with the various representatives at their stands for in depth conversations about their specific options. All in all it was a wonderful opportunity and very insightful for all who attended. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend on of our Open Houses don’t worry. We have additional events aimed at parents in the coming weeks. Don’t forget you can always contact us to arrange a one on one session with our admissions team.