Oxbridge SRC attend L.E.A.P Workshop

The L.E.A.P leadership innovative workshop, which took place at the Lagos City Hall, Lagos Island, was held on Thursday, the 13th of November, 2014. The program was an initiative of the NGO L.E.A.P Africa, which seeks to develop young leaders and spearhead development projects amongst youths in the community.

L.E.A.P is actually an acronym for Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism.  The organization, which was founded by Mrs. Ndidi Nwuadi, indeed did a productive job on Thursday as they exposed the students present to various activities and information that triggered their inner-leader.

The event started with a few notable quotes on leadership, two of which were really striking:  “Ingenuity finds progress.”  “Ingenuity fuels leadership.” A number of questions and answers followed in the subsequent sessions as well as fun activities.

Students from various schools around Lagos participated in two distinct activities, which were really fascinating.  One of these was the “LEGO” game, which was conducted by one Mr. Harmony……..   The game was based on Robotics.  It challenged the students’ intellectual and rapid thinking abilities as they were all made to mix with different schools and come up with basic robots in 10 minutes.  The game really fostered teamwork, creativity and innovation in the students. Oxbridge’s own S.R.C President, Nello T. Edematie, along with his group, won the robot challenge.

The other session was a chess session, which involved the students being tutored on how to play the game of chess and be masters at it.  The session proved to be an effective one as the students left as more perspicacious individuals.

The highlight of the program was a drama presentation by a drama crew.  This drama entailed an illustration of the history of Nigeria down to the civil war of 1967 and to the different military camps.  The drama was well played, informative with some hilarious scenes to keep the crowd lively and the message was passed on properly; “No matter how bad or ‘damaged’ we may think our country is, it is our land and our home.  So, it falls upon us to fix it and make it the land of our dreams. The land where we, “the leaders of today”can build upon into a nation worthy of emulation.

By SRC members