Oxbridge Online Pre University Preparatory Programme


The Oxbridge Online Pre University Prep Programme is an exciting new development at the college. A concept we believe in passionately and one we have gone to great lengths to realise. We hope this page conveys all the crucial details of the programme. We welcome your enquiries so please do not hesitate to get in touch or better yet complete the application form at the bottom of this page to ensure a place.

Aims and Objectives of the programme

The overall aim of the Online Pre University Prep Programme is to raise aspirations among Nigerian students and increase their early success rates at universities. This will be achieved through:

• Academically stretching students beyond the WAEC, GCSE and A level studies through wider reading around their subjects and developing critical, logical and lateral thinking.

• Enabling students to explore their motivations for studying their future university subjects.

• Developing informed opinions among students about current affairs topics so that they can become “rounded students” and potentially tomorrow’s leaders.

• Bridging the gap between teacher-led WAEC, GCSE and A level studies and the rigours of independent study at universities.

Who is the programme aimed at?

As the programme is online, the Oxbridge Online Pre University Prep Programme is suited to a wide range of pupils, in and out of Nigeria, studying the final year of GCSEs as well as those studying A-Levels (15 to 17-year-olds).

What is the academic format for the day?

Classes will be held online on Zoom and will consist primarily of 40-minute lessons with 10-minute breaks in between. The Online Pre University Prep Programme will offer classes aimed at bridging the gap between their recent studies and the first year of undergraduate studies. These study skills should also help improve students’ approach to independent study:

(i) Critical thinking

(ii) Researching

(iii) Class/lecture note-taking (including use of mind-maps)

(iv) Public speaking/presentation skills