Mr. Ilube visits Oxbridge (by Tosin Salau)

After the Mid-Term break, the college resumed on Monday the 4th. The students were filled with excitement as there were many things to chat about pertaining to the Work Shadowing which most students participated in. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Ubah came into the hall and settled the students down for the Assembly. We had another surprise coming as the college founder, Dr.(Mrs.). C. O. Ogunsanya, who before now had not formally met the students graced the occasion and she actually read the recitation for the guest speaker of the day; Dr Ilube.


Dr Ilube has many academic experiences and qualifications from all over the world. He studied Physics in the University of Benin and also has an MBA. He has a foundation that has been around for 4 years now called AGF. They recruit students from different parts of the world and teach them about Space, Science, Finances and Computing. Dr. Ilube is expected to go to space in the next 2 years with Virgin Galactic and the whole trip is said to be about just 4 hours. He is often adjudged the first Nigeria to go to space, though he jokingly claims to be the first man from his village to go to space!

As a role-model to many young people all over the world, Dr. Ilube is driven by the motto “Think F.A.S.T and Tackle the Big questions”. He explained this with the acronym F.A.S.T:

FOCUS – To get something done one has to be incredibly focused and determined as he illustrated that like a machine, there is no stopping. It is important to be an expert in something one is really passionate about.

AMBITION– People shouldn’t think deeply on the profession alone, but also the interest as to why they want to pursue that ambition and the problem they are trying to solve.

STRATEGY– It is always good to have a goal, but there should also be alternative routes and multiple strategies along the way as well as tactics that should be involved.

TEAMWORK– Everyone wants to achieve their goals on their own, but it isn’t really possible. You meet people along the way and they end up helping you. Therefore you have to learn about yourself and other people. The more you understand yourself, the more you understand other people.

He wished the students luck as he related them, to being his inspiration to do much bigger things in life. The principal gave a vote of thanks and the assembly came to an end.

By: Tosin Salau.(Oxpress)

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