Principal’s thoughts on the Oxbridge NCUK Fair

During the recent NCUK Team visit to the college, the principal of the College, Carol Scott- McHale who joined the college in May 2012, was kind enough to share her thoughts on the NCUK programme as she spoke to Oxpress reporter, Farida Kadiri


Has the IFY programme made Oxbridge Tutorial College a more desirable school?
Yes, the IFY programme has been an asset to the school. Other competing schools running the IFY programme boast as they are deemed to have more partnered universities ,but their programmes are not formally accredited by the NCUK nor are they moderated by the official examination board.  The fact that Oxbridge is administered by the NCUK makes it a more desirable school for students wishing to do the IFY.

Do you believe that IFY students have higher chances of success compared to the A-Level programme?
Yes, due to the fact that the IFY programme is modular and the exams are easily accessible. The programme suits the type of student that enjoys continuous assessment as opposed to one final determining examination. Additionally, the content is enjoyable and exposes the students to a diverse and broadened awareness of their studies.

When advising parents, do you prompt them more towards the IFY programme?
No. One first needs to examine the student’s individual needs and performances in order to determine which programme would be better suited for him/her. It all truly depends on the career path chosen by the student. For example, the IFY does not include a medical pathway. So for those wanting to study Medicine, they would have to opt for the A-level programme.

Since you have been here, have you been impressed with the quality of the services offered by the NCUK, and are there any features of the collaboration you would like to improve upon?
I am absolutely pleased with the quality of the services presented by the NCUK. There is not much that requires improvements. However, we do hope on getting more prestigious universities on board, giving the students more choices. Other than that, I am very happy.

Do you think Oxbridge will continue to collaborate with the NCUK?
Absolutely. We expect  this collaboration to persist for many more years to come.

Your parting shot Ma?

All one can say is that the Northern Consortium Universities (NCUK) College fair was a tremendous success. Both students and parents benefited from it. The NCUK is doing a marvellous job at catering for the academic needs of the students here at Oxbridge Tutorial College and hopefully they will continue to do so.


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