Let’s talk about SEX!

Earlier this week, during the tutorial session of Wednesday February 6th, the students at Oxbridge Tutorial College were lectured on the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The school management felt it necessary to educate young people such as ourselves on this particular topic as we are within the age group most concerned by it. Due to the delicacy of the subject, girls and boys were separated and thus given their respective presentations. The key speaker for the girls’ presentation was the school’s nurse, while the college male doctor took charge of the boys.


An important feature in the presentation was the descriptions of several of the popular symptoms. If one is aware of the symptoms the different diseases may have, they can readily detect it and receive immediate treatment. Though, this can be a difficult task, especially for young women due to the fact that women are carriers. With numerous illnesses, even when infected, little to no symptoms will appear leading one to be deceived in thinking that she is healthy. For that, it is critical and strongly advised that a young women be tested regularly. Constant checkups are required as evidence of the illness might not show up on the first attempt. Detection at an early stage is preferable as the consequences such illnesses pose on one’s life are traumatic. Breakdown of the immune system, infertility and miscarriage are only few of the possible impacts. In the worst case scenario, such infections may lead to death.



The speakers ended the presentation with the subject of prevention, as prevention in the best cure when it comes to these types of situations. The method principally highlighted throughout the presentation was that of abstinence. If one is prevented from exposure to the illness, infection will be highly unlikely. The idea of abstinence till marriage is a concept strongly supported by African society for many reasons. Nevertheless, the nurse went on to describe how condoms, both male and female, could be used as a method of prevention for those who are not supporters of abstinence.

The reality is that young people from all over are engaging themselves more and more in sexual intercourse. For that, it is useful to inform them on the methods available to prevent the spread of STDs.


In all, the discussion was effective in presenting the topic of sexually transmitted diseases to students of Oxbridge Tutorial College. The students, both girls and boys, appeared to have positive responses to what they had heard. Much was gained, and hopefully these presentations will aid them in making future life decisions.

Faridat Kadiri




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