HIV/AIDS Campaign Taken to Anglican Girls

On the 20th of May 2016, a handful of OTC students under the ISA (International School Awards) programme took the HIV/AIDS campaign to the Anglican Girls Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos. The 7 students, ably represented by Walid Adegunwa and Lewechi Nkata delivered an interesting and enlightening presentation, that took their highly attentive audience through the causes and prevention of the scourge. The interest in this life-impacting topic is evident through the various thought-provoking questions asked by the audience, who also had ample opportunity to interact informally with the visiting students. Though initially meant for the entire school, due to logistical problems, the team was only able to address the SS3 students, who we had envisaged would find the programme more beneficial. Thankfully that was exactly what played out.

Our appreciation to the management of Anglican Girls Grammar School for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge about HIV/AIDS with your students.