2016 Oxbridge Academy Agents Training

Oxbridge Academy hosted some top Educational consults to a seminar on Wednesday 6th April 2016. The purpose of the seminar was to invite new student recruiters to join our team of agents and also to train them on the subtleties of the International Year 1 programme at the Academy.


The International Year 1 (Business) is equivalent to the first year of undergraduate studies in business related courses at any UK university. The students will spend one year at the Academy on the IY1 programme, thereafter progress to complete Year 2 & 3 at any of the 11 NCUK partner universities.

The International Year 1 is quite affordable especially now with the challenges parents are encountering with in accessing FOREX. Studying Year 1 in Nigeria before proceeding to UK means that parents can save up to 50% on all costs (both tuition and living expenses) in the first year without compromising on the standard their children would have received if they studied Year 1 in the UK.

Oxbridge Academy promises quality and guarantees student progression upon successful completion on the International Year 1.1