Fejiro Amrohve is going to Yale!

When you hear Yale University, what rings in your mind? Yes, we all get the same the picture- smart Ivy League school, high-class, difficult-to-get-into…

Well, Yale hosts a Global Scholars Program in the heart of Connecticut for the ambitious, talented and brilliant teenagers around the World. It is a very competitive program for those that know the worth. Guess who made their list? Oxbridge very own Fejiro Amrohve!

We see the success Fejiro has achieved now, but he cannot say this opportunity did not come without hardwork and guidance. Fejiro worked tirelessly with Mrs. Vibha writing and rewriting the numerous essays. With the help of Mrs Dave-Aronu, Fejiro received an inspiring recommendation from Mr. Kurup. We are happy that all efforts have paid off well, and Master Fejiro will be spending summer at Yale University.