Art and design students visit Yaba College of Technology

On the 25th of February 2016, AS and A2 Art students had the privilege of visiting the Yaba College of Technology. When we arrived, we were responded to swiftly by some lecturers at the institution. We went through ceramic rooms and were spoken to in detail of the development stages taken and learnt about different moulding materials. The tour guide covered each level of the entire building; the painting section, texting, ceramics, graphics and even the fashion design room.

The tour guides were friendly and often switched to give us more information about each specific mode of Art. After taking pictures in various rooms we concluded the trip by looking at some beautiful statues, sculptures and architectural pieces that were placed around and beside the main building. It was a very successful trip as we were exposed to many other art techniques that we were not familiar with. We also, to an extent, got a visual simulation of what other art styles, other than painting, appear to be. Overall it was an extremely productive excursion.

Oluwatimilehin Osunneye