Dr.Terry Cousens of the University of Leeds Visits us

At Oxbridge we work hard to expand our network of partner universities. We always find it extremely satisfying and rewarding when a delegate of one of these institutions visits in person. It gives us the opportunity to put faces to names and the students the opportunity to be inquisitive and grow from what they learn and the overall experience.

The 27th of May, 2015 was the most recent of these exciting and educative times.  Dr.Terry Cousens and his team from the University of Leeds, UK visited the college.


Dr.Cousens from the Department of Civil Engineering, enlightened the students on the educational possibilities not only in his university, but also in the UK generally. Incidentally, about 1o Oxbridge alumni are currently studying in University of Leeds and some of them the related their experiences via a video shown by the visiting team. It is of note that University of Leeds is also part of the NCUK that has a partnership with OTC.

Stay tuned! We have upcoming visits from Nick Waite of Bellerby College (OTC Medical Pathway 1) and Ray Halpin of DIFC (OTC Medical Pathway 2). Interested in undertaking one of our Medical Pathways? Perfect opportunity to ask questions and meet the people involved in making these programmes possible. Get in touch and visit us!