Showcase of Oxbridge Tutorial College (Vivian Fowler and Laureates visit)

Yet another remarkable day at Oxbridge Tutorial College, when  students from Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls and Laureates School, both in Lagos, came to have a view of what life at Oxbridge TC feels like, in a programme tagged, ‘Taster’s Day’.

The students were taken round the school in different batches by members of the college SRC. Most of them found it difficult to hide their joy, as they were taken to the classrooms, the science laboratories, Resource Centre, the study room, dining hall and the Girl’s Residence. They asked a lot of questions from their tour guides.

They later assembled in the hall to listen to the Principal’s breakdown of life at Oxbridge, the programmes available and the benefits. They were also fortunate to listen to a talk by alumni of Oxbridge TC, Mr.Ajulu, (left the college some seven years ago,) on making success of their academic pursuit. The students also had an opportunity to attend some classes at OTC, to give them a feel of teaching and learning in the college.

The students also had lunch with us and they confirmed that they would put Oxbridge TC as the number one ranking college, when they are ready to transfer. As they concluded the tour, they were able to point out new things they learnt and things they like about the college; our friendly atmosphere inclusive. It was nice having them around and we hope to see them again next year 🙂