Oxbridge Wallops Global International College!

It was another cap for the college when its Boys’ soccer team walloped Global International College, Lekki, Lagos on the 30th. The team had trained long and hard for the soccer match against Global College and it was a victory well deserved.


The day started a beautiful one, with Mr. Martins acting as the interim coach giving some words of advice. The ride to the Global was long and enthusiastic as the team made detailed plans about their tactics with Laide as the captain of the team. We got to the field by one o’clock; players of the opposing team were already settled in, so we shook hands and took pictures.

The soccer match started extremely well with the Oxbridge team clearly dominating the game. Several impressive moves and well thought of passes were executed. The days of training finally paid of when Jerry scored a beautiful goal by dribbling through the weak defense line and projecting the ball into the goal post. The audience hailed Jerry, but our 1-0 victory was short-lived when the referee blew his whistle for a foul against the Oxbridge team committed by Uzoma in the 15-yard box. It was an awful penalty kick against the away team.

Everyone starred at the striker in anxiety as he focused on taking the penalty kick. Sadly, a goal was scored.

The long awaited half time whistle was blown; both teams gathered at their different posts to alter their game plans. The second half started with so much energy by the players. Deep into the second half, Solomon scored a second goal by a pass from Nwanna. The audience celebrated his goal by chanting his name. Oxbridge players tried their best to keep the defense in perfect shape while the offence team was on top form. Oreoluwa Shonibare scored the final goal by his extra effort put into the game.


The match ended with a 3-1 victory. Pictures were taken at the end of the match and Oxbridge students celebrated greatly. The better team came out on top!

Yusuf Yusuf




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