Our New Catering Facilities by Mrs. Adekanye

The idea of upgrading the kitchen was conceived in order to improve the efficiency of the Kitchen operation.

Before now, food preparation was done using the old, traditional kitchen setting where the food was prepared outside the kitchen with the wash up area beside it.  This affected the effectiveness and efficiency of kitchen staff productivity.


The new kitchen has resolved the major problems, giving rise to these innovations.

  1.  Cooking is now being  done inside the kitchen as against the former open air operation of the past, which has helped in reducing  the stress and aiding efficiency.
  2. It has also  enhanced high standard of hygiene.
  3. Installation of electric oven has equally  helped in making our food output to always emerge with some finesse and quality.
  4. With the kitchen hood and big extractor in place, the heat experienced in the old kitchen has been eliminated.


Above all, the new kitchen (fondly referred to as e-kitchen) is a delight 🙂 to  all eyes and speaks volume of the importance that OXBRIDGE College attaches to providing conducive working environment for its staff, but also always striving to give our students the best, as it is obtained globally.

Mrs.  T. T.  Adekanye

College Catering Officer

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