Oxbridge welcomes her new parents and students.

Penultimate resumption on Monday 7th of September, the evening of the previous day was set aside to formally welcome the students, especially boys and girls moving into the college Residence. Apart from acquainting the new students and their parents with the regulations of the Residence, the Managing Director of the college, Dr. (Mrs) C. Ogunsanya and the Vice-Principal, Mrs.Tony-Ubah, through a robust presentation and a Question and Answer session, re-assured the parents that their children are truly in good hands, to be provided with a conducive environment that would aid their development and learning. Most parents in attendance particularly praised the level of security and safety measures put in place by the college in the Residence, coupled with the discipline that would be inculcated into the students. It was also an opportunity for the college and the parents to interact for the mutual benefit of the students, who were later taken to their different Residences. We wish you a happy and fruitful experience in the college.