Flying in from the UK to the Lagos-based Oxbridge Summer School

Insight Education has been busy finding top class Oxford graduates to bring a flavour of the university’s exciting approach worcester college greento top level study at Oxbridge Tutorial College’s Oxbridge Summer School.

Director Joyce Connell went with Mark Cousins (Account Manager) and Nelson Lo (Athena Tuition) to interview Oxford University graduates at the stunning Worcester College – where Joyce graduated in History (

There were 19 applicants competing for 4 teaching OSS teaching positions to bring to life the Natural Sciences; English Literature & History; Mathematics & Physics; and PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics).

Each interview candidate brought their ideas for stimulating, interactive and fun Masterclasses. All candidates were very impressive, but we settled on four outstanding candidates who we thought could bring a fun and challenging taste of Oxford and Cambridge study to Nigerian students.

The graduates are planning to help students explore the structure of molecules, how to organise society, how to see the role of English literature in history and how both subjects are good foundations for law studies, and what to do if you are cast away on an island…with no grown-ups to help.

The masterclasses are not simply teachers telling students a bunch of facts – but interactive workshops where students bounce around ideas, explore challenges and role play activities. The tutors will be getting the students to learn WITH each other and through discussion, debate and experimentation with expert university graduates – in the way they would do at university.

For updates, follow this weekly blog on the Oxbridge Summer School. Please also visit OTC’s webpage for further background on the Oxbridge Summer School and to sign up your child. If you have any questions, email