OTC Drama Club Stages Phoebe’s Dilemma

It was yet another unmatchable day , the first of its kind on the 27th of February 2015, when the students of OT College gathered in the expansive  school hall to witness the showcase of talents we never knew existed amongst us when a play was staged. The euphoria the play had generated during the week with its publicity on the notice boards has further heightened the expectation of many students. When it was time for the play to be staged, we all knew really, this is no ordinary stage play. With hindsight, we began to appreciate the hours of harrowing rehearsals.

The drama presentation by the college Dance and Drama Club is entitled, PHOEBE’S DILEMMA. The story line had to do with a somewhat confused young lady in the issues of love. Would she pick Johnny, the man who saw her through school, who is now hit by bad times or Jack the one who can takes care of her and her generations? In the midst of this emotional turmoil, she seems to have lost her definition of love, as she has the picture of an ideal man from fictions on her mind. In addition to her dilemma, her aunty whom ought to advise her tends to lead her on the path of materialism.  The question that rang through the play which kept all of us on the edge of our seats is ‘Who would she pick? 

With the hall filled to the brim, all the students and members of staff in attendance surely had a swell time. The actors and actresses drawn from the student body stood on the stage, transformed as they displayed classic professionalism in the delivery of their lines. The cast were rewarded with a deafening applause by audience, when the play ended. Kudos to those that worked behind the stage: The Director, Mr.Sola Balogun and his team, Mrs. Odukomaiya who helped with the stage set up and other members of staff.