Election time at Oxbridge!


The arrival of campaign day for the SRC (Student Representative Council) was marked with an unmistakeable buzz of amicable excitement last Friday afternoon 24TH of October, 2014. With candidates ready to present their manifestos to the school (and a few nominated candidates disappointedly forfeiting the SRC elections at the last minute), the school hall was thick with anticipation.

The AA (Accelerated A-level) students kicked off the presentation of manifestos with the friendly-faced Idara taking centre stage before Ahmed and Adaramola followed suit. Wonu Bonojo ended her manifesto in an epic fashion by squealing into the microphone in excitement. Next, Kanyisola Adetokunbo, Ayobami  Martins (who had nothing but praise for his former school – Grange School – as he told us how he wishes to make OTC as socially active as Grange) and Oliseh Ojo.

The ever-confident, bubbly Kemi Aloko told AS Arts Students of how the fact that she “knows people who know people” will be the gateway to changes they wish to make. Nelo made a brief yet memorable speech, basically telling people to vote for him just because.

IFY’s Rosemary was straight-to-the-point making a brief speech similar to Nelo’s. Yusuf  Yusuf attracted loud cheers from the students, even more so when he expressed detest at the fact that the intervention class students’ names will be displayed on the noticeboard. Kemi Akinsete and Ebun made quieter more brief speeches, with kemi displaying a briefly-worded Powerpoint slide.

The highlights were certainly IFY student Cyril who attracted the loudest screams and chants from the students. While Gbotemi Kolawole promised faster wifi (which is certainly needed). The community services candidates presented their manifestos at the end with quieter speeches. All in all, it was indeed a memorable day with lots of laughs and promises made.

The results were announced on Monday, 27th October during assembly and the teachers definitely maintained the suspense by leaving the announcement of the results as the last item on the agenda. After Mr. Dada further delayed the announcement with various drawn-out formalities in his typical fashion, the eventual winners were: Idarabisi Akpan for AA tutor group; Omowonuola Bonojo for A2 tutor group; Kanyisola Netufo for AS Science; Nelo Edematie for AS Arts; Yusuf Yusuf for IFY Science and Engineering; Gbotemi Kolawole for IFY Business & Humanities; Raphael Chinwuko and George Obi for the two Male Residences; Ayomide Olorunfemi for the Female Residence and Samson Larinde for Community Service. The Sports Group had no candidate so soon enough, suitable people will be appointed.

Of course, the entire process went smoothly thanks to the members of the Electoral Committee, namely: Mr. Dada, Mr. Atoyebi, Mrs. Amucha, Mr. Oyenekan, Ms. Okimasi, and the co-opting Mr. Joseph and Mr. Alder.

Congratulations to the newly-appointed 2014/2015 Student Representative Council of OTC!