OTC Hosts 1st Chess Competition

The college hosted schools in the inaugural APEN Chess Competition recently. 15 schools represented by their pupils and students drawn from primary to sixth form levels were in attendance, arriving  as early as 9am.

When the competition started in earnest at 10:30am, our expansive dining hall, the venue of the event, became a beehive of activity, with a lot of visitors  ranging from coaches, teachers, administrators and (interestingly), professional and international chess players who were present to see how they could motivate the young ones.

According to the Executive Secretary of APEN, Ms.Folawe Omikunle, the inspiration behind the chess competition emanated from the visit of Thomas Salome, the African-American educator who ingeniously used chess to inspire students in the slums to  improve in academics. The expectation of APEN is that Nigerian schools will embrace chess and tap into its ability to instil critical thinking and problem solving ability in our learners.

We look forward to more events of this type at the college 🙂

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