Shocker Wednesday at Oxbridge Tutorial College

Shocker Wednesday at Oxbridge Tutorial College

On the 22nd of January 2014, at about 3:10pm, towards the end of lectures for that day, the students of Oxbridge TC were summoned to the hall, and that was the beginning of an epic wake up call to the students. Mr. Gbolade Okeowo and Mr. Omasa Muyiwa, who happen to be old students of Oxbridge TC, gave us the speech we needed to continue pushing on.


They spoke on a topic tagged ‘THE POWER OF HUMBLE BEGINNINGS’. Mr. Gbolade kicked off this little gathering by first giving us a simple, yet intriguing explanation of what the topic was all about. He did this with a short video on metamorphosis (how an egg hatches to form a caterpillar which eventually grows into a pupa and finally an adult butterfly).


At every stage, there is a new beginning where this soon to-be butterfly goes through so much pain, physically, mentally and emotionally just so it can embrace the oncoming change. He likened this to us, teenagers and emphasized  the fact that there would always be pain. He cited examples from Jeremy Lin, Beyonce and the likes that went through a tough time at some point or the other, but made it to the top. He told us that it would take consistency and practice for us to get to the finish line in glory and he likened this to Wolfgang Mozart, Usain Bolt, Warren Buffet and the likes. He also told us what Dr. K. Anders said ‘excellence is not just based on practice but deliberative practice’. He told us to keep on working on our skills till they are perfect or close to perfection and to settle for nothing less. He told us also to learn to give back to the society in our own little way and finally that we should learn to be industrious, put on your thinking caps and make the best use of it. 


At this point, he turned the mic over to his friend Mr. Muyiwa Omosa , who concluded the talk with words that hit home. He said the cemetery is the richest place in the world because there lies doctors that died drunkards, there lies schools that were never built, rich men and women that died drug addicts and prostitutes, presidents that died touts. And he pleaded with us not to add to the list of the treasure beneath the ground.

With that, the students of Oxbridge TC went home with so much to chew and digest.



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