Corona students visit Oxbridge

As part of the college initiative of familiarizing the Lagos environ with the programmes and facilities of the college, it was another success story on the 15th of February, when 12 students from Corona College paid the college a visit. Some members of the college SRC and some student volunteers were at hand to take the visiting students round the state of the art facilities and operations in the college.

The journey started from the newly decorated reception through the classrooms-(Students were not just observing, but actually attended some lectures such as Economic. Visits were also made to the Girls’Residence, the laboratories, gym, and clinic. The culmination of the visit was a short presentation by the college Principal, Carol Scott.

The students after an exciting time, spanning close to four hours, shared their experiences with Oxpress:

According to John Ezemua, ‘The college has facilities comparable to what you have in the best A ‘level schools abroad. The teaching too was excellent. The members of staff were friendly and really approachable’.

Mike another student also shared his experience, ‘It is an at amazing experience, with a relaxed atmosphere too. The members of staff too were friendly’.

Princess Simon a female student shared her experience was not left out too as she gave her impression about the college:  ‘I think Oxbridge is a good school. Both students and staff were friendly. I love the food too! I think it like a home away from home’.

After what was definitely an exciting and fulfilling time, the Corona  students were presented some goody bags and they left for their school at 1pm.







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